Thank you to parents who give us the wonderful opportunity to care for their children!

Laura Hawkins says:

Manju and Tina with Kids Kare are amazing!  They took wonderful care of my son for most of his first year of life.  I moved out of state, so unfortunately we left Kids Kare.  If I hadn't moved, I would have kept my son with Manju until he was 2.  I always trusted that he was in safe hands, cared for and loved when he was with Manju and Tina.  I recommend Kids Kare 100%!

Court Pickens says:

I highly recommend Kids Kare to anyone. Manju and Tina make sure that the children are given lots of love and time to socialize in a safe environment. I also loved that Manju made all of the purees and meals from fresh ingredients, and the children were always welcome to more whenever they were hungry.   Another plus was the communication between the staff and us. We were always given daily updates, candid pictures, and upcoming celebrations in advance. We could not have chosen a more loving place to watch over our little one.

Ariel Contreras says:

My son went to KidsKare from the time he was 4 months old until he was 2 years old. He loved going everyday and never cried when I dropped him off which is always a good feeling as a parent. Manju was always very helpful and very understanding of new moms such as myself. Her assistant, Tina, does a great job with all the kids, too. Once the kids get older she prepares food for them which they just love and always celebrates their birthdays accompanied by an ice cream cake and gifts! It's apparent with all that she does she truly cares about each child. I highly recommend KidsKare to all my friends.

Aubrey Noorian says:

KidsKare is a wonderful in-home childcare facility. Manju Sharma cared for all 3 of my children between the years of 2003 and 2008. My husband and I began looking for an in-home childcare facility when I was still pregnant with our first child. We felt that in-home childcare center would give our babies the attention they needed, more so than a commercial daycare could. We searched and searched for just the right person to take care of our baby as if he/she were their own. We stopped looking as soon as we met Manju. Manju began watching my children when they were 10 weeks old until they were 2 years old. “Auntie” and “Uncle” are an extension to our family. I don’t know how I would have done it without her. Working and raising a family is tough to do these days. Knowing that my children were in the care of KidsKare eased my mind. I would highly recommend this facility for anyone needing childcare.

Kimberley Gardner says:

My two girls joined Manju's and her assistant's care at ages 1 and 2 mos. She provides a very loving environment for the children and even makes the baby food by hand simply because she wants to.(my now-two-year-old likes veggies because of this!) The hand-crafted mothers' day and fathers' day gifts we received were absolutely beautiful.

Each of the children is treated like an individual human and receives wonderful attention; her maternal instincts are on the mark, as she detected a speech delay in my older one. Took her to be evaluated and sure enough, she qualified. She now talks our ears off!

If you're looking for someone who will treat your kid with the respect and TLC s/he deserves, then you have found your provider. I very highly recommend Kids Kare.

Leah Singleton says:

KidsKare is a wonderful place for in-home childcare. We felt immediately comfortable with Manju Sharma when we started looking for childcare. Manju (or "Auntie" as the children call her) and her assistants cared for both of my daughters from ages 3 months to 18 months. She is extremely nurturing and my kids loved her immediately. I would, and have, recommend KidsKare to anyone.

Kristen Pillans says:

Being a new mother, I was uneasy with the idea of leaving my first baby in someone else's care while I was at work. However, as soon as we started taking my son to Kids Kare, my anxieties were at ease. Manju and her assistants provide the best in-home day care imaginable, including homemade baby food, healthy snacks, and lots and lots of hugs. She treats all of the children (and parents) like her own family. Even though my two sons have "graduated" from Kids Kare, we still keep in touch and they often ask to visit "Auntie" and "Uncle". I highly recommend Kids Kare!

Jessica Moss says:

Manju and her staff at Kids Kare are the best, they loved my little girl as much as I could have only hoped for someone to love and care and hold her in my absence and even though my little girl is now 5 and in school I still stay in touch with Manju because she truly became family to me.  Her unconditional love and care for her the children are amazing.  She is wonderful and we miss her so much!

Michal Hayon says:

We really had a good time in Ms. Manju Sharma's house...The way she takes care of the babies is really incredible and the babies loves her very much, you can see it by how happy your baby comes home. This is warm home, clean and quiet, and for the baby that is really important. We really enjoy putting our baby there. I really recommend KidsKare and I am sure you will see you made good decision!!!

Scott Sweeney says:

Within five minutes of meeting Manju at Kidskare back in 2009, my wife and I knew that was the right place to leave our soon to be newborn son Brady. Brady stayed at Kidskare for 2 ½ years and it was a very positive experience. We always felt that he was safe and loved. When his sister Molly was born, we enrolled her and have had the same experience there. Molly is now 2 years old and still attending Kidskare. We are very thankful and grateful for Manju and Raj for the important role that they have played in our children’s young lives. We will never forget them.

Manali Mohanty says:

Kids Kare, Plano is a wonderful homecare facility run by Manju and Raj Sharma. Both our sons went to Kids Kare - we have known Manju aunty and Raj uncle for over 6 years now. Over time they have become like family. What I liked about Kids Kare from the get go was the fact that its home based, very clean, and aunty spends a great deal of time holding the children every day. Whether it is cradling your newborn or cuddling and playing with your toddler - there is a lot of warmth and affection heaped on your children. As a working mother who travels a lot for work, I was comforted knowing that aunty would always give our little one his daily dose of cuddles and hugs, she fed him home made food and they even provided diapers and formula/milk. When I was traveling in Europe last spring for 2 weeks, aunty would send me daily updates of my baby - sometimes multiple photos of him smiling, frowning, crying - small touches that meant a lot. If you are looking for a great home based care for your baby/toddler - this is the ideal place for you.  Thanks, Manju aunty and Raj uncle for all that you did for our children!